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I'm doing a January No Buy Month

I've never really been one to set New Year's Resolutions. I'm a pretty firm believer we can create new habits, shift our plans, or set New Goals at any point in a year, day, month these day. When our lives changes so should our plans and goals. That said the beginning is always a great place to start, so why not now.

I wrote a free piece on my Buy Me a Coffee on the "Whats and Why's of No Buys".

So I wanted to share a little bit of my own personal reason behind this No Buy month. What it means for me. My goals, and what I hope to gain and learn from doing it.

In the accountability group I created on Instagram around this No Buy I really encouraged every to connect with their "why" around taking a month off of spending. So I'll share mine here. More than anything I'm using the month to free up some mental capacity, and refocus on building healthier downtime habits.

I want to challenge myself to disconnect from the mindless scrolling that leads to desire, and want - and plan where I place my time. A mental budget if you will. When I'm not telling myself how to spend my time I inevitably fall prey to spending too much time on social media, where many of my interests easily line up with spending. Browsing Instagram, and outfits on Pinterest. All the perfectly styled people and well curated homes drawing me into browsing shopping sites and creating list after list of wants and "if I had" feelings.

I also have set a goal for myself this year to pay down my unsecured debt by at least 30%. Starting with a No Buy gives me the chance to reset, work my budget and clarify where I am spending. To be honest for far too long I've just juggled my personal finances instead of taking control of them. I want to set a clear picture of where I spend my money, and make sure those places align with my life goals, not just my wardrobe goals.

I'm also in a very content place with my wardrobe as a whole. In 2020 I filled some gaps in leisurewear and, let's be honest that probably what I'll still be wearing for the fist half of 2021. I spent a lot of time critiquing my wardrobe in 2020. While I do still have future and continuing goals for how my wardrobe aligns with my personal values right now I do not feel the need to purchase.

In the end I hope this spending pause will giving me space to reflect and establish new habits. Saying no to spending means in the long run I can say yes to other things.

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