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Wardrobe Bullet Journaling

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I use my Bullet Journal for all aspects of my life. My wardrobe and style planning is no exception. Have a tactile, visual record and planning tool has been one of the most beneficial pieces in defining my goals and tracking my progress.

One of the most common ways I utilize my journal is to capture moodboards, think of it like an analog or tactile Pinterest. I often include stickers, made by printing images on label paper and cutting them out. I include everything from specific items I own, colors I like, to outfit inspiration.

I also use my journal to track goals, long term and short term. I go quite in-depth on goal setting on my Buy Me a Coffee membership site - including goal setting worksheets. I track challenges from Instagram, prompts, purchases, and wishlists here too. I love having a written record I can look back on.

I have a couple IGTV videos on my Journaling, including some basic layouts, and fun easy lettering

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