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Style Goals

Perhaps you heard about the 20 in 2020 challenge I started over on Instagram The challenge was built around thoughtful intentional purchasing. Creating a community challenged to think more critically about our consumption around our wardrobes and what it means to purchase within your values. The community grew with people sharing outfit inspiration, sustainable and ethical fashion, brands, thoughts and discussion around curation our values, wardrobes and lives. All of these things can translate into setting goals for your wardrobe - and in turn shopping/purchasing habits.

Style goal setting is a way to approach personal style in a more intentional conscious way.

Developing and exploring personal style within the individual setting of your life, values, motivation and ideals is a skill. Just like any other skill it takes practice.

I'm going to go into more depth of what my goal setting process is currently, and as we move out of the 20 in 2020 into the new year. I'll discuss my values, and how I translate them into all steps of my wardrobe and purchase. I'm offering guidance on this process for those who want to delve in with me on my Buy Me a Coffee Membership. I will have weekly posts, worksheets, and resources for members. As well as brand exploration and reviews going forward. I'll share how I turn style inspiration into achievable style goals. All with a focus on curation over consumption.

On Instagram I am running the #20in2020stylegoals challenge with daily prompts to get us exploring our style and wardrobe. Members of the community are encouraged to use the prompt to share outfits, thoughts, and experiences with clothing and their personal style.

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