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The Giving Season

As the Holidays approach many of us are reflecting on how this season may look different this year. Perhaps you've had to cancel some plans? We usually travel over Christmas with out kids. This obviously won't be happening this year. Maybe you won't be having as large a gathering? We are all taking precautions with Covid. It could be your budget is a little tighter with employment uncertainty. While some of all of these things maybe be at the forefront of our minds, one thing is certain, we all still need some joy.

Family, food and traditions new or old will still connect and ground us. We will find small joys and gratitude. It might look like zoom gatherings and FaceTime catch ups. The meals might be smaller or slightly less lavish, but not less delicious and thought out. Maybe just maybe we will slow down and take in the twinkling lights, the cozy moments, and appreciate them that much more.

As for gift giving now more than ever I am working to give with intention. To think closely about my plan for gifting. I'm trying to find the most meaning in the gifts I choose. To support local businesses who need us more than ever. To shop small, and Black owned. To align my purchases with my values. As well as thing deeply about the recipient and what they value. If you're trying to do the same I'll be sharing gift guides and some of my favorite gifting ideas of the course of the next month in hopes to give you some ideas and take a little of the stress out of shopping.

Today I'm starting with small things that make great stocking stuffers. These are also wonderful gifts for teachers, your mail delivery person, or neighbors. Maybe you have kids in your life who want to gift to their friends? Either way these are gift ideas you can feel good about.

I'll be adding more guides in the next few weeks, so feel free to leave a comment if your looking for catagories of gifts or have someone who's hard to buy for.

I'll also be sharing more brands and gift ideas on my Instagram so be sure you're following along there. There will be a saved highlight of Gift Guide items.

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