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What I Bought in February - Closet Edition

Wow February felt like a long month! Wisconsin winters seem to drag on forever once the Holiday's are over. I mentioned on Instagram that I had purchased quite a few items in February, more than would be normal for me.

I know that some of this is the cycle of browsing, purchasing, and expectation that right now feels like something to look forward too. I've talked in the past about these triggers for shopping within myself. I'm not feeling bad about anything I purchased though. A few things you may recognize from my "visual wishlist". A few others were items I've been wanting for a LONG time - the Madewell Washed Leather Jacket in a brown. Here's a look at what got added to my closet last month:

Shop these items here:

A little break down of the what's and why's of my purchases -

The floral dress was a wishlist item for Spring Summer. This Madewell version was on my "to consider" list, and met almost all the qualifications. Since there were only a few left in my size I decided to purchase. I haven't received it yet, so it has yet to be tested for fit, that means it's not guaranteed I'll keep it.

The Linen Blazer was also a Spring/Summer purchase. I'm really liking blazers with a relaxed fit as a third piece to an outfit. This one is super light weight, and I think will be great even with shorts. I also think I'll like it as outerwear in the up coming season. Already have lots of ideas and outfits in the works for this one.

The Madewell Washed Leather Jacket I already own in black. I love it! I will say sometimes the black feels too "edgy" then I put it on with my mostly warm toned wardrobe. I've been wanting it in brown since almost immediately after I purchased the black. The insiders sale was a great time to purchase this, as it almost never goes on sale.

The Acne Studios bag was also on my wishlist. This was a gift from my husband for Valentine's Day. What can I say the man knows the way to my heart - handbags. The other bag purchased I have saved in Pinterest Pins and blogger IG posts for a few year now. I finally figured out who makes it and found a deal on one on eBay, so I jumped on it.

The sneakers I talked about a little on Instagram. I had been considering some chunky "Dad" style sneakers for a few months. I originally wanted New Balance, but after looking into the companies values, I did not feel the purchase align with my values. I knew there were other options for the look I wanted and decided to go with the Veja. Veja uses sustainable materials and even has a repair and recycling program. Plus these colors are so perfect for my wardrobe.

You may have seen on Instagram we did a home update. Moving offices for my husband and I. This also lead to a few home purchases. I'll share those in another blog post soon, along with a talk about some of our home goals this year.


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