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What I Bought in January

I have decided to start posting monthly what I purchase, and perhaps what's on my wishlist ongoing here on the blog. Just like Instagram has become sort of a fashion and outfit diary for me, I thinking sharing these things here will act similarly.

I shared that I was actually doing a No Buy for January and you can read all about what that meant to me and why - here.

I was mostly successful in my No Buy. However it wasn't without temptation. So I'll start with what I actually purchased. I am not going to include the items I purchase for the month long giveaways I'm doing on Instagram, though I have to admit making those purchases was just as enjoyable as shopping for myself and maybe that was kind of cheating...

Some of the purchases were things I came across while looking for specifics for the giveaways, like these:

The matte hair clips are the perfect size for half up hair looks while I'm growing out my bangs. This is a goal this year and I'm determined not to be swayed.

The Whiskey+Wine clips work great for clipping the bangs back too. Plus I have a ton of textured bob photos with clips saved as hair inspiration and these where too pretty to pass up. Everything she makes sells out so quickly I felt lucky to find them

The face brush was just a desired addition to my skincare routine.

Others were maybe a bit impulsive at the moment but were also things I knew fit my wardrobe and I would get a lot of use out of, like these:

I talked about the sweater purchase on Instagram. It was initially purchased during some insomnia induced Nordstrom scrolling. That order ended up being cancelled, because the "size was no longer available". When I saw the sweater still on the site a few days later, including a sale price, I tried to purchase it again. That order went through.

The Leze Cardicoat was an instantaneous purchase when they announced it on Instagram. January 25th. I probably could have waited until February 1st, but I knew I'd be buying it. I'd been searching for an ivory duster in my size for months. Plus in all honestly I'm still completely enamored with all the monochrome looks of the Inauguration. I don't think I'll ever be over it. So here we are...

It may seem like I bought quite a few things considering I was on a No Buy. Truthfully, I don't really count the hair clips and face brush. In all they were small monetary amounts that I'll use for a long time. The sweater is the one purchase in reflection I truly could have done without. It was purchased in a moment when I hadn't been caring for my other needs. It's not to a standard of things I want to be including in my closet, and I have other things of better quality that mimic the look. However I really do enjoy the neckline and will wear it. That leaves the cardicoat and that purchase was perfectly on point for me.

Until next month,


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