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What I Bought on Black Friday

This year hasn't been what any of us thought it would be. My wardrobe goals have certainly gone through some shifts with the ebb and flow of 2020. I'll be updating my 20 in 2020 challenge reflections for the end of the year very soon. For now I'm going to share what Black Friday and Cyber Monday looked like for me.

I'll preface this by saying I've never been a Black Friday shopper. I've never even really been a sale shopper. If I have want something, usually for the most part, I'm willing to pay full price for it. I may wait for a sale, or a discount code, but I've never been on to buy something simply because of the sale price.

That said my first purchase this weekend was a duplicate of something I already owned. It no surprise 2020 has fostered my love for loungewear. This Lounge set has been on regular rotation lately. The ribbed texture adds a lux tough and the French Terry fabric makes it easy to weapon matter the temperature out side. I purchased a second set in the gray color.

My next purchase was also a matched set, but definitely more elevated. If you've been following me on Instagram you'd know I've been looking for a cashmere knit matched set. While I haven't found many options in extended sizing, my search did bring me to another knit set. This set was absolutely love at first try on. Even Nate commented how he hoped I was keeping it. I ordered this set in the brown as well.

I shared try on's and detailed information on both the of the sets over on Instagram you can find them saved in my "Try On's" highlight. As well as multiple stylings as I'm sure these sets will be in the feed on repeat.

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