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The Value of Nostalgia

I talk a lot around here about values and knowing what YOU value from your wardrobe and purchases. Today I want to touch on sentiment and memory and the emotional connections we make to purchases. Particularly nostalgia. That small connection to the past that can come front and center in the present moment.

To say I have a fondness for handbags might be and understatement. I love a quality bag in many an iteration. But there will always be a first love. For me that will always be Coach.

I remember the very first pieces of Coach in my life, they were my Mom’s. The first a small leather good gifted to her by her boss, she opened on Christmas morning with our family. Shortly after that followed the classic Coach Willis bag gifted to her by my Father.

I remember the feel of the leather when her bag sat between us on car rides to the mall, when I’d reach into if for a stick of gum. I remember how the reverse side of the glove tanned leather felt so soft and buttery and I’d run my fingers over the suede leaving lines in the reverse. Everything about that bag was classic, well made, perfection, and my Mom carried it for years.

Once I got my first real job I purchased a bag of my own, a classic Coach duffle. As I browsed the bags picking the one I'd take home I glanced at the glass case full of wallets. A sense of pride welled up in me as I selected one of those beautiful wallets to gift my Mom. I remember wrapping that gift and embellishing it with curls of ribbons, eager to give it to her.

When Outlets at the Dells reached out to me about Mother’s Day look book there was no question what I’d choose - Coach.

Here are just a few Highlights from the Look book, there a Specials throughout the Mall

The Coach Outlet has a Special Event and they are going BIG for Mom. You can save up to 70% off in store, with treats and a Gift with purchase. The Outlet is also giving you a $25 gift card when you spend $500 at Coach. Here are a few of my favorite current Picks. I'm linking them here too, for easy shopping.

I think fun accessories are a great way to add pops of color this season. Coach is making that easy and beautiful with these touches of pastels in this Spring line.

The Rowan Color block Satchel is such a classic top handle shape, and the long strap is perfect for hands free carry.

I love the chain on the Klare crossbody! It's the prefect size for a night out.

I'd add the matching trifold wallet in color block because I love a matched set!

I love how Coach keeps it's long time classics and continues to feel fresh and modern with collections like this current color block. It allows me to have new experiences and still feel the loving nostalgia I have for the brand.

Oh and just to keep the love flowing I'm doing a Coach giveaway over on Instagram through May 10th so be sure to check that out.

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